Why Should We Wait?



Why Should We Have To Wait 3-4 Hours Just To Get 4 Little Passes???J Think That We Should Only Have To Wait 30 Minutes For Them And We Should Be Able To Earn Passes And Gems For Reading Stories,That Way We Won’t Run Out.I Once Had 10+ Passes (No I Didn’t Buy Them) And Now I’m Not Able Too Maybe It Was An Update…


Isnt it 4?



I wish they hadn’t changed it from how it was, honestly. It makes me worry that I’m wasting my time with some stories since I have so limited passes and am unable to actually buy them.


Yeah, it was an update in accordance with a new policy. I can’t see them decreasing the time to refill passes, mostly because it would defeat the purpose of having people pay for unlimited passes. Episode is a company above all else, and their profits are the most important thing to them.


Yeah, it sucks :frowning:
If you haven’t already, you can show your support on this thread:

APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours


That makes sense, I figured that’s what it was about.


Why give extras if they take them away once they refill?