Why so much Romance?


Hey guys, Lissiebeth here!
There’s one thing that I have been wondering for ages. Why is there so much Romance? As far as I know, I’ve only seen one author (who isn’t a part of the Episode crew) who has made a story that wasn’t entirely based on Romance. I mean, I get it: readers soak up that stuff, but SOME READERS (like me) prefer to read Science Fiction and/or Fantasy novels, not just Romance.

So, what do you all think about it? Do you like the amount of Romance in stories, or agree that there should be more of other types around the Episode corridors?

  • I like romance!
  • Meh… As long as it has good directing and a good story line.
  • I don’t like romance.
  • I would prefer to see other types of genres.

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The reason? Lonely young girls who usually need a bit of stimulation because they want the attention they were denied in their childhood.

Or, y’know, just enjoying romance. I’m not much a fan myself but there are a few that are really well written into stories. They’re a great way to impliment drama, sadness and pain into stories to cause a nice twist during or at the end. Some are really well written and are the focus of the story- like Dripping Mascara- and some are more subplots that don’t reveal themselves much until later, like Frontier. They make for good, easy to revolve around plot lines and are usually the easiest to write.


I completely agree. SOME Romance stories are good, like the ones you mentioned. When you know how to dramatically turn a story, readers will soak it up like sponges.




Agreed! Only a select few of romance stories are really good. I mean, I don’t really read them, but I’ve heard some are good. It’s just that some authors feel the need to turn EVERYTHING into romance, i.e. when a man kidnaps a woman and they fall in love yet just end up being really toxic, stories like that, which is what I see ALL the time on this app.


Beep boop: This post contains sensitive topics.
I completely agree! Sometimes, writers need to look around them to see what happens in the real world, THEN write their story. People who are raped DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH THEIR RAPIST! People who are kidnapped don’t just go like, “Ah, so-and-so is handsome, I’m gonna kiss him.” I hate stories like that!


Omg, yes… well said. But if that’s what people like to read then so be it I guess. It’s just crazy how many stories of that nature are published!


Agreed. Whatever floats their boat… even if it is creepy and weird stories like that.


Is that some shade I see being thrown? :eyes::eyes:


I occasionally read it if it has something different to offer like ‘Not Your Ex’. It’s the only romance story I’m reading & it is really good. I prefer unique storylines (fantasy, sci-fi, thriller) w/ hints of romance if any.


I agree with you. Joseph Evans, my favorite author on Episode, makes great stories that mix between genres perfectly well. Olivia Briggs (I think that was her name?) makes stories that aren’t HEAVY on Romance, but still include some. I love the BBB series for that reason alone!

Also, I’ll have to give Not Your Ex a try! Thanks for the recommendation XD


I think you should put a trigger warning on your post just in case someone comes across that. But I definitely agree. It must be bc this is a fictional app. Still Episode should have control on what stories they choose to allow on their app.


What are her stories about? I’m interested in checking them out lol.


Olivia Briggs makes Bad Boy Bachelor, if you’ve seen it. I get frustrated whenever I make a wrong choice and have to be sent back to the beginning… but all the same, I wanted to keep reading!


Bad Boy Bachelor is one of the first stories I’ve read on Episode and still one of my favourites.


It’s one of my favorites too! It’s the perfect balance of romance, comedy and drama. I also like the fact that she included a gay person in the story. It adds to the diversity!


You lost me at “bad boy” :joy: but I’ll try to check it out. I thought she wrote fantasy stories. :frowning:


Haha, I thought that too, but Bad Boy Bachelor isn’t that bad! “Bad boy” is basically like when Charmin adds “Ultra Soft” to their toilet paper name.

Also, have you found a really good Fantasy author? Every time I look at a Fantasy story, it loses my interest because of cliche lines and overly dramatic stories.


I have a few!
Birds of Passage, Frontier, Moonlit Feathers (although this does have a bit of romance), and Porcelain (although this is more horror). And did I mention Frontier!?!?


Wow, I’m definitely checking those out! TYVM Software!