Why so much Romance?


no problem, feel free to call me dimitri


I’ll tryyy but last time I tried I got distracted and forgot to read it oops.

Villain Rehab
Becoming a SUPER Star
Deadly Desires
Prince of Arcadia
Four Kingdoms
Everly After
The Deathless
The Ruby Tiara
Dead Wings
Admit One
Cafe Paradox
Love and Let Live
Keep your Enemies Closer
Dreamer (it’s going to be an Episode Featured story but it’s in the very beginning stages. It’s SO GOOD.)
Out of Time
The Fantastical Shelf

Gonna end it there for now bc I can go on & on. I may have forgotten some but those are good! You may find more reading them!!


Wow, thanks! Definitely going to read these.


I love sharing stories & am the worlds most indecisive person so I have to mention all that I can think of lol.


Ahaha, well, ¡gracias por compartir!

Also, I’m the same way XD


I like a bit of romance, but sometimes in stories, they make people’s relationships move so quickly, for example when the whole story is about romance between two people and their relationship is moving too quickly, that’s what makes me dislike them.


That’s a great point.