Why the heck wont it let me preview

Episodes really getting on my nerves today it idk why tf it wont let me preview because I was previewing it perfectly fine then I refreshed the page and it wont let me preview anymore


I have no errors except the background but EPISODE even says “you can review your story” and I was perfectly fine till I refreshed

you might just have to close out the tap and reopen it

I did and it won’t work still.

you might have an error somewhere.
does the preview screen say something like "error 11’?

This is happening to me too! Everything is fine except the background :cry: so frustrating

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Bump episode fix this lol

Ikkk! Episodes having a little whoopsie.

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It is happening to me as well. It won’t preview If I have a pending background.

I filled a support ticket. You all should too.

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that happened to me yesterday, you can use the phone anyway :grin:

I am, but it’s a pain when you’re trying to do a bunch of spot directing and overlays.

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Bump :angry:

This is happening to me too! It is so incredibly frustrating because I am trying to write a story for the upcoming contest. I really hope that this is just some kind of bug and not something that’s going to be permanent. If anyone figures anything out please let me know!


Noooo I can’t preview my chapters!! This is so stupid, because the overlays / backgrounds not being approved yet isn’t even technically a “script error” :sob:


Can you preview your story on the episode app?

Also having this problem, nightmare when you need to do spot directing and overlays…

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it really is…

I have the same problem too,it’s seriously a pain.Mobile previewer is working, but it’s way more complicated.Hopefully they will fix it soon enough :frowning:

mobile is the same as the web.

Kinda slower,at least for me, but I guess I can manage with it.

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