Why there is N/A in my ranking?

I am getting confused for the 1st time… about a thing…
and it’s freaking me out!!

I checked my portal and when I opened the story status… to see reads and all

I SAW THERE IS WRITTEN N/A in my rank of my story…


What does it mean??

It’s still like this since this morning…
I have refreshed the portal again and again
BUT nothing!!

Can you pleaseeeeee tell me… If it is happening to you as well?
Or ir it just me?

And why this is happening???

Well, unfortunately, any time this has happened to me, it has meant that my story was reviewed by episode and flagged for having content that they deem inappropriate and needs to be fixed. Typically, I’ve gotten an email from them rather quickly once this happens, and the email explains the content that needs to be fixed. However the last time it happened, I didn’t receive any email at all (I don’t know why and they couldn’t tell me). So watch for an email, but to to be safe, send in a ticket asking why your story is ranking that way, in case the email has gotten “lost”.

I can’t say 100% that this has happened to your story, but that is my experience. 🥲

I am not sure, but if it was on rank it can mean it has been removed because it broke some rule and are under review. have you got any meassge about it?

Okay, thanks girly.
Actually I assumed that as well.
and checked my all mails even spam mails as well…
but couldn’t find any mails regarding this…

…and I don’t think… that there are some scene… which don’t follow any rules :neutral_face:

But who knows…

nopes, checked everywhere…
but couldn’t find any message…

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Wait does this mean that my first story has been flagged/reported too? Because it says the same thing for the reads and gems sections

No, girly.
That means u didnt get any reads and gems.
but ur rank is showing it means… ur story is safe

Oh ok, phew! That’s a relief. Thanks for letting me know :blush:

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This happens sometimes…ughh…such a glitch :tired_face:
It happened to me too…I just waited for a week, and then it came back to normal

You can wait too…or if u want…u can send a ticket to the support team.

I just checked the guidlines carefully…
and one of them says " No use of the Episode logo"
and I used episode logo in my intro.
so, I think they removed my story from the top shelf.
bcz it dont follow the guidlines… ig?
is it possible to happen?


So, should I change the intro… from ch. 1?
and send them a ticket?

You can…as the guideline said itself …“no use of episode logo”
then u can send a ticket about this…and ask them why the rank shows n/a
hope that helps :blush::sweat_smile:

thanks! :relaxed:

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I believe that guideline is only referring to story covers. Inside your story, like in intros and overlays, it is fine to use the episode logo.

But yeah, I would send in a ticket to ask what’s going on. Sometimes the guidelines are tricky to navigate (I’ve had to change lines and things that made me go “:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face: what???” because I never would have believed they were too graphic or inappropriate.) So you never know! :see_no_evil:

And just want to clarify, that when they flag a story, they don’t typically remove it from the app (unless it’s terribly inappropriate) they just remove it from search and trending. Which is still disheartening, but easily can get resolved when contacting them and getting more info. :relaxed:

yeah lol
u never know… when it comes to epi. guidlines

but I just remember a dialog from my story it was like something

“because he is pain in the @&& sometimes” so… will it count as assualt or something??

As long as you censored the a**, that line should be fine. :thinking:

Yes, thats what happening to my story…
its not in tresnding anymore…
didnt tried to… search… it yet… but… still

hmm but I used… symbols instead of… words