Why there is N/A in my ranking?

:joy::joy::joy: well that’s true…

Then maybe u r innocent zombie

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okay, so I got one more doubt… about my story getting that N/a thing

Can we mention character’s insta. address in the story?
Like… I have featured lots of real frnds of mine in the story, and I have mentioned all their insta. address in readersmessage

Do you think it can be a mistake?

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many authors has done this…and everytime we use Dara.Amarie template, her insta id is displayed…i dont think this has something to do with n/a problem

yeah, so I think that only that “episode” logo is a problem.

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didn’t they tell u earlier… Its not a problem to use logo in intro n all…didn’t u recieve any mail…have u sent ticket???

no… and no :upside_down_face:

1st. no is for … They didn’t sent me any type of msg
2nd no is for… I didn’t sent them a ticket.

…Because … I thought that logo was a problem…

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Just send them ticket girl… At least u would know the reason behind all this…

yeah, I guess…

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they are asking me to put * in @&&… i mean con on… it special symbols… how can they be so strict about it?
lots of other authors use it as well… but they get away with it… i even saw a author who usr bo*bies without any beep or anything…

and duhh… they r asking me to use my own characters… as if?.. featuring someone else in our story is a new thing??

… ughhh… they r being strictttttt here…

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I think it’s because the symbols cannot be detected by a bot, I mean to any human’s eyes, it should be a pass. My guess is it’s a bot that’s scanning your script…

I have no idea how this works, but probably it has something to do with how the author uses it.
From my perspective, if you’re saying b**bies as a reference to breasts, I think it should be fine (I mean, how’s referring to a body part a sin?) But some use it with derogatory/smut intent and that’s not allowed. At least, in my book it’s wrong.

Can you show me the character in the said line? My guess is the bot found that character having the same attributes and behaves approximately the same to the “allegedly” copied source.

if u didnt notice @&& is a part of body as well… and they call it a sin… using it… :upside_down_face:

there is lots of character… which are mine frnds in this community… there is around 14 characters… :confused:

girl sorry to sound off topic but can you tell me how to make portal dark theme like this

Forced dark theme is way too dark for me

i will send u a link… or maybe just search “dark reader” and add it in your chrome…
its icon is like… an alien wearing a black googles

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OKay will try

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True. However, we have buttocks and backside and posterior and a heck ton of uncensored words for that haha
Let’s up things into perspective: defecate and sh*t. One is specifically used in a degoratory manner unlike another. Therefore, although they mean the same thing, one word is more… Let’s say bad while another, not so much.

I guess you could solve the situation by spacing out the featured characters to, let’s say 3 in one scene.


I will just remove those readerMessages in which I mentioned their insta. id

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Or maybe send a support ticket to understand the situation. Who knows, that might be a system error.

I sent them a ticket thats why they said those all are mistakes…

it says that mail sent from jonathan… idk whats going on

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Yeah, I recognize that name.
What’s the email content about? If you don’t want to share it to the public, you can send it to me in the DM’s.

Inappropriate Content in "Mystic Academy

Thats the content… (if i am not wrong…)