Why there is N/A in my ranking?

About Mystic Academy, I found out it’s an existing book.
It’s quite risky to include a real-life book as there are many ways your story can be rejected while reviewing.
e.g. If you mention the book’s name as part of the dialogue, then it’s most likely not gonna work.
If you put it on the reader message as a credit, you should be able to dodge it.

… ohh…
I didnt know… there is an existing book already
and never read it as well

and I just searched in google…
and read about it…
It’s about vampires… right
but my story is about fairies and gods

and I dont think… we cant keep a same name as a movie… or whatever…
ig the plot or story isnt same then thats fine… ig

finally the problem got solved!

@Sydney_H can u close this topic please?
thankyou :blush:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: