Why this is happening ? Am I doing something wrong?

I have copied the overlay from episode but it showing this and couldn`t let me use the overlay . Ps the overlay is also not working and its showing the desk which was removed in it .

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Is like 1609 and line 1610 ol names ? I don’t think your supposed to have that in .

yes its about those two lines , when I copy paste the overlay it was automatically written in the script itself , I haven`t wrote it myself .

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If they are ol I would suggest doing

Background name here with overlay1 with overlay2

Give me a bit and I’ll log onto my computer to try to show u step by step how to do it cleaner but for not do the top part I have. Background name here with overlay1 with overlay2

sorry I didnt get exactly what you mean as Im new to all this , could you please show me the screenshot of your computer of just that overlay part ,
or do you mean that I should write overlay1 after the background`s name

Sure give me a bit to add everything .


Do something like this the format is background with ol1 with ol2

If you want more ol’s added just keep adding with

After you do that then go to spot directing (click on it ) then go to change overlay so your able to adjust your ol / ol’s to your liking


After you move them you should see some numbers below


Screenshot 2022-10-30 1.57.06 PM

After you get that your going to want to have something like this


to break it down if you look where the spot directing (under the preview area ) your going to want to go to the second line add that in first in my case that number is 0.379 . So it’s so far Background with ol1 to 0.379 - next your going to go back to where u see the spot directing stuff for that ol1 but your going to go to the very very top line on it and add those in for me it is 22 119 in zone 1 so then your should have Background with ol1 to 0.379 22 119 in zone 1 . If you want to add a layer on it you’d just add at layer # so it looks like background with ol1 to 0.379 22 119 in zone 1 at layer # (make sure to change # to a number )

a visual way of explaining

Add the yellow part first then the purple part

Then you repeat the process for the rest of the overlays if you still dont understand lmk and I’ll try to break it down a bit more

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