Why was my cover rejected?

The cover:


It’s weird because the large cover which has the same commissioned art got approved…


I literally have no clue, it looks fine to me, have you contacted the episode team? You should do that.


Contact the team and explaint to them that your cover is comissioned. Nothing is wrong with it.

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They did the exact same thing to me for my cover and splash art after I changed names and uploaded them with the new name.

All you have to do it re-upload it. That’s what I did and it got approved. Whoever is manually approving them or the AI technology they might be using missed the mark here.


Ohhh, they might be using robots or something? I didn’t think about that :thinking: Maybe that’s why.

well its something with copyright but I cant see anything wrong. Write them an email! The respond quickly

It’s likely your covers might’ve been reviewed by different team members and one of them rejected in error. As the others have said, you can either re-upload it or send a ticket explaining your situation.

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I don’t know. what’s going on but My episode team is keep rejecting my cover.

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That’s strange, I’ve seen your story several times and I thought the cover was fine the whole time… :woman_shrugging:

Did you get a picture from the internet and then use an artistic filter?

I ask for free cover to someone she give me that art for my cover.

Oh yeah she probably took a picture of some real people that doesn’t belong to her and then use a filter :woman_facepalming: That’s not right. Maybe ask someone on the forums to do a reliable free cover, make sure they’re experienced. :two_hearts:

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Yes u r right the picture is not drawn it’s made up with apps and all . You can check out artshops that provide free covers.
Here’s our shop check it out and do request if u want:


This isn’t drawn. They are real people. Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin respectively. Try contacting art shops.

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That looks like a artistic filter, that’s maybe the reason there’s many shop’s like
Jelly’s Art Shop :slightly_smiling_face::heartpulse:(Open) + Free
The Chamber Art Shop (OPEN) [Free] (Covers, Art scenes, Splashes, Drawn Art AND MUCH MORE)
Dazzling Nightmares Art Shop :fire::sparkles: (FREE+OPEN!)
You should be glad you didn’t buy it


Thank you so much for all reply.