Why was this denied?!

I have this as an overlay in my story and it was denied acceptance… There is no program name or anything on it… So why?

Maybe it was copyrighted or showed a watermark or brand. Can I see it please?

It’s posted above… There is no watermark. It was marked as labeled for reuse.

I think they usually list the reason for why it’s denied in the notification for the overlay’s denial. The most logical thing seems to be possibly copyright infringement or something like that.

Even though it was labeled for reuse with modifications?

I can’t see the image of the overlay.

Where did you get the overlay from?

i think its because of Microsoft Format, like maybe have an empty message thing


This was the reason:

Specific reasons are as follows:

Brands, Real People and Places: use of content that infringes on the intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party * References to brands in story cards, backgrounds or overlays


Yeah, so that includes Microsoft.

Most likely has to do with how similar it looks to Microsoft software.


Well that stinks because every phone I’ve seen on stories represents an iphone. How is this any different?

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Yeah, Iphone can be used as long as the LOGO isn’t showing, and the picture above is part of Microsoft, u need to have a blank one.

You could try to request at an art shop to see if they could help you make an email box.


You’ll have to see what Episode does, depending on whether they approve it or not. Try to have a back up just in case of a chance of Episode denying that.

Where did you get your images from? It might be possible that the site you got it from isn’t entirely copyright free.

I did the google search and made sure to filter it to “usage rights - reusable with modifications”.

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Oh! I think I understand now. I just searched up what you said, and I see what you mean. It’s very risky trying to use Google images because there’s a history of that images potentially being subject to copyright and the mess it might cause.

Maybe try to see if the original image is royalty free?