Why was this dissaproved?

This doesn’t make any sense. There is nothing wrong with it and it was dissaproved:


Ummmm. I honestly don’t know. Did they give you a specific reason why it wasn’t approved?

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Nope. The screenshot is all the explanation the gave me.

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Try to upload it again. Maybe It will work.

It belongs to another interactive storytelling app called Choices :blush:


the reasons why it can be disapproved

  1. violation of author rights - do you know who is the author do you know if it is 100% free picture? Somebody above mentioned it belongs to some other app - if so this is stolen picture and violates author rights

  2. on picture are brands - its too small but the champagne atc might have real brand if so they will disapprove it… all my BG where was on PC apple logo even it was pretty tiny was not approved and I had to smidge them.

That’s a Choices app background. It’s copyrighted.

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