Why why why!? (Support the new authors guys)

I don’t understand the comparison of that either.

Don’t compare episode to teacher-student it’s not the same and it doesn’t make sense.


I’m sorry but, as a small author who enjoys writing stories for the fun it, I don’t agree with your opinion. I don’t have many reads in mine, but you don’t see me complaining. Your gonna have to work, to get your story recognized. Every author has to pass through through the same task as you. Don’t expect to release your story and have so many readers in a day. It takes time. I didn’t mean to come off as rude. But if you pay attention to the numbers of how much readers you get you’ll lose your motivation to write. You mentioned that promoting your story is like taking an extra class, well success isn’t given its earn by hard work.


@Sydney_H Please!!.. close this topic :pleading_face:

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Hun, nobody was trying to be harsh or rude to you, they were just explaining how things work in the community. It’s your decision how you take constructive criticism. You basically want everyone to be so sweet and thoughtful instead of being honest, sometimes people need tough love to understand things, nobody is being evil to you, they were just stating facts. Most of us are small authors too and we’re going through the same thing you are going through so listen to us.

Just write your story and be happy about it, do it because you love it and not for other people.

I wish you success with your story. xx


I understand :heart:

Closed by OP request. :smiley: