Why won’t my character walk?

Not sure why my character won’t come in on the last two lines?

u write enters besides walk

(AND MC EX is talk_repulsed AND MC EX faces right) write this and then check preview

I write in “enters” infront of “walk” ??

Delete the layer. Move your character to the layer while it’s offscreen

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How do I stop the character from sliding to walking?

you do have AND MC EX starts talk_repulsed use THEN instead of and so the character starts the action after getting to the spot

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&MC EX spot 1.406 -116 -104
&MC EX moves to layer 5
@MC EX walks to spot 1.406 32 -104 in T(time in seconds)
&MC starts talk_repulsed
@pause for T (if you want the facing right action after she has done the talk_repulsed
@MC EX faces right
@MC EX faces right and MC EX starts talk_repulsed

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Ohh okay so you use “then” when you want the character to do an animation immediately after walking?

Yes, but make sure your walking command lasts for more than 2 seconds or you use does it while instead of is otherwise your character will be idle for a split second