Why won’t this work? In episode app



I tried login my group account on episode and this case up. I don’t understand someone help?


did u log in with google or facebook?




@Sydney_H @Jeremy


Should probably send in a help ticket for that. :smiley:


I would recommend not using two different accounts on the same device as sometimes it might cause issues


I logged out of them all and I can log in one but not the other :woman_shrugging:


Done that


Best to submit a ticket regarding this. But as I said, we do not encourage users to use more than one account per device as it tends to cause problems. Hope the support team can help. :peace_symbol:


Thanks for the Help @Jeremy and @Sydney_H


@Minoesje thank you so much


this happened to my sister too…


Did she figure it out?


nope, I tried but nothing work…she created the account on my phone but then I logged out and tried to sign in in her phone but that message appear

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