Why won't it work?

why doesn’t it work?
It says "Error: Assertion failed: undefined
and won’t show up

@overlay 4895512273223680_CHAIRCAFFEE5 shifts to 724 25
@overlay 4895512273223680_CHAIRCAFFEE5 scales to 1.000 1.000

@overlay CHAIRCAFFEE6 create
@overlay CHAIRCAFFEE6 opacity 1

@overlay 4895512273223680_CHAIRCAFFEE6 shifts to 452 -5
@overlay 4895512273223680_CHAIRCAFFEE6 scales to 1.234 1.234
&overlay CHAIRCAFFEE6 moves to layer 3

@overlay BP2 create
@overlay BP2 opacity1

@overlay 4895512273223680_BP2 shifts to -15 -15
@overlay 4895512273223680_BP2 scales to 3.160 3.160
&overlay BP2 moves to layer 3
@YOU changes into Work

@COFFEEGIRL spot 0.785 330 320 in zone 2 at layer 2

@RANDOM6 spot 0.929 329 175 in zone 1 at layer 3

@RANDOM6 is react_sit_checkphone_bored

@RANDOM6 faces right

@RANDOM spot 0.704 127 410 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND RANDOM2 spot 0.704 254 414 in zone 1 at layer 1

@RANDOM is idle_sit_armcrossed_unimpressed_loop AND RANDOM2 is laugh_sit_crackup

@RANDOM faces right AND RANDOM2 faces left

@YOU enters from left to screen center

@YOU walks to spot 0.929 166 139

@YOU moves to layer 8

@YOU changes into Work

@follow YOU to screen center in zone 2 AND YOU is walk_neutral_loop
&YOU spot 0.965 263 128

and what exactly is the error?

it says it on the top

somethings wrong with the browser try another one like chrome


i have tried that it doesn’t work and i have used this many times before but it doesn’t work now

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy

The problem might be that the create command doesn’t always work I Believe, I’m not entirely sure though

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what do you mean?

did you add this?
@overlay CHAIRCAFFEE5 create
@overlay CHAIRCAFFEE5 opacity 1

Are you using Limelight? I have overlay issues whenever I use the @create command in LL

You have to add the overlay to the background. For example:
But put whatever background you’re using

Yea but that’s not it because have used the create command many times before Where it werentan issue. But it was after I used the & symbol that after a sound direction. And then it all crashed down kind of

In the unfortunate event of the community not being able to help your best bet would be to submit a ticket to the support team. :sunglasses:

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