Why won't my characters stay in zone 2?

I am trying to pan to zone two in this background, where one character is sitting on the front desk and another is standing there talking to her. But everytime it’s suppose to pan to that zone, the characters teleport to zone one. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, can someone help?

Here’s what it looks like on its own:

And here is what I am trying to accomplish:

what code do you currently have?

@ARIA spot 0.218 259 583 AND LAMEES spot 0.362 295 456 AND LAMEES is deepbreath AND LAMEES faces right AND JUNE spot 0.695 41 208 AND JUNE is talk_neutral_loop_rear and JUNE faces left AND DOMINIC spot 0.686 170 238 AND DOMINIC is talk_excited_happy AND DOMINIC faces left AND ADRIANA spot 0.326 136 490 AND ADRIANA is idle_sit_leanback_unimpressed_loop and ADRIANA faces right AND OMAR spot 0.326 199 454 AND OMAR is talk_angry

&pan to zone 2
@LAMEES walks to spot 0.317 77 460 AND LAMEES is walk_neutral AND LAMEES faces right AND OMAR talk_accuse_angry

That looks really messy, but I had it broken up into two separate lines, but I thought having it as one would fix it.

The characters in the second picture are Adriana and Omar!

You need to add the zone number to the walking command, and also replace “is” with “does it while”

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Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I feel silly for missing such an obvious thing. I really appreciate your help, thank you!

Do I add that to Adriana and Omar’s code too?

Since they’re both in zone 2, you’ll have to add it to both.

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Perfect, thank you sooo much for your help! I am at the end of my first episode with this scene and you’ve helped me complete it, so I really appreciate your help. :grin:

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