Why won't the coding for the speech bubble work?


LOL :nerd_face:


I’m almost done with ep 4 edit also lol im a quick learner with the best teacher MsDeal


aww :sweat_smile: glad i can help


I’m just glad I could get some help…sat here for 3 days with no reply on my post


i just hope it doesnt change the phone previews as well ;( that would be heaps annoying


that sucks. if i woulda saw it earlier, i woulda responded earlier


On the phone my people are naked or generic clothing when i know the code is correct because my teacher showed me correctly how to do and it was working till tonight


Ya, always having to refresh too, it hurts the soul


i dread hitting that button now


i dont even get why it does that, and when it does the loading thing as well… ahhh not used to it D:


i wonder if their gonna fix this :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


they better because it’s doing my head in!!! :frowning: :angry:


right. im only 1 episode left till launch and they are slowing me down


Maybe someone should move this to Writer’s Portal Bugs…?