Why Won't This Work?

Hello!! I am currently in the process of writing a story! In the story I am wanting the MC (Kinsley) to use the prop Lipstick while putting on lipstick
But When I use this script, the prop does not show up. What do you think I need to change?

label Makeup1

    KINSLEY (talk_think)
How should I do my makeup today?

“Ruby Red”{

@add Lipstick to KINSLEY
@KINSLEY is apply_lipstick
@KINSLEY changes mouthColor into Ruby Red
@KINSLEY is apply_lipstick
@remove Lipstick from KINSLEY

    KINSLEY (think)
(Is this the lipstick I want to wear today?)

“Yes!!! I LOVE this lipstick color!!!”{

}“Noooo!!! This is NOT my shade cringes”{

goto Makeup1


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This prop is hidden and it doesn’t work in the Web Preview, check on the app it works just fine :slight_smile:


Thank you!

@Jeremy would you mind closing this thread please? :grin:

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