Why would someone do this?

Hi guys.
For those of you who don’t know, @IvanaXo, @Lizzie.epi and myself have been facing a major setback, because Instagram has disabled and blocked our accounts, which means we lost all of our progress and any communication we had with our followers. When we were trying to find out why this happened, one of the most glaring reasons was that someone could have reported us.

We do not know why anyone would do such a thing, as we have done our best to be cordial, nice, and supportive to everyone in the community, and have not done anything which would harm/hurt anyone else.

While it is a very unfortunate incident, what we can do now is to try and gain back our followers and try to focus on our stories. Hence, we request all of you to follow our accounts on Instagram and help us out, and we would be very grateful for the same.

Here are our Instagram handles :
Ivana - @epy.ivanaxo
Lizzie - @lizzie_epy
Ana - @ana.creates29

Follow us for interesting content, sneak-peeks of our upcoming stories, episodes and much more.
Thank you! :heart:


We all have sent emails!


Thank you! And yes we have, just waiting for the reply. :confused:


Thank you for your support :pray:t3::heart: We really need it now!


Thank you for the support guys!
A big harm is done to us, but anyway, we are trying to fix this as soon as possible. It is really unpleasant to lose all the progress u have made by working hard for months…But always looking on the bright side
Every single follow is appreciated by our side!


Wow, sorry you guys had to go through this, ill follow right away!


Thank you so much! :heart:


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