Why would someone read a discontinued story

so i have this story which i think suck. and have discontinued and it keep getting reads. it is almost two years since i discontinued it. and it it says so in the title

and no i won’t start writing it again cause i have completely forgot where i wanted to go with it


i guess their addicted to it lol

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yeah but why are people reading it now. i have not touch it for almost two years. and i am not promoting it


Honestly, Idk because if I see that a story is discontinued, I won’t read it because I know that I’ll get angry at the author for discontinuing such a great story :joy:


Just cuz u think that doesnt mean its true.


Same for me. I have a story I stopped writing over two years ago that is my most popular but despite writing in the title and description that it is discontinued, people keep reading and asking when I’ll update. Maybe they read it cause there is always a chance the author might continue some day? Or update it into a new style?

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Or cuz they like ur story…

I’ve read discontinued stories because of how good they were (The Renegades and Pregnant By a Nerd comes to mind). I’m sure readers are doing the same for your story.

I’ve read several stories that I knew were on pause or would never see completion because if it’s good, it’s good lol. Even if it isn’t finished / never will be.