Why would *YOU* drop this?

Hey lovely people!!!

I’m currently working hard on a story and honestly I’m super proud of the first 3 chapters quality.
However, I noticed A LOT of people never finished episode 1. To top it all off, chapters 1-3 actually have the lowest completion rate, out of the 6 that are currently out, so… I’d love to get some opinions! :heartpulse:

Why would YOU drop this after the first chapter?

:point_right: Link HERE :point_left:

Disclaimer: you can be brutal, I can take it

Thanks in advance for all the help!

If you made it this far - have a good one! :hugs:


Your story really sound interesting!! I’m giving it a try! Then i’ll get back to you :white_heart:

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! :face_holding_back_tears:
To be completely honest, just the first chapter feedback will be plenty, but I hope you’ll end up liking it and keep reading further, hehe :smiling_imp:

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I pm’ed you! :white_heart:

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Honestly? Your story is great so far! I hope you’ll continue writing it, and give your story the time to be appreciated. It takes most authors weeks or months to get hundreds of reads, and it often feels like many authors give up because their stories didn’t see immediate success. Trust that your story can and will find its audience, it’ll likely just take some time. : )


Woah, thank you so much! :face_holding_back_tears:

I was hoping for some burns, but you’re giving actual reassurance, haha, thanks for that - I truly appreciate it :heartpulse:

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Of course! A lot of readers are guilty of making tons of demands when it comes to what they want/expect out of stories (I’ve certainly been guilty of this in the past), and it takes away from what we’re all here to do- have fun! : D

I’m not going to tell if your story is good or bad, and always keep in mind that people on forums are actually into this community, they know the struggles of creating/writing/coding stories, but people on the app are the total opposite and they can leave even just because they don’t like how characters look.

Word of advice - don’t check stats, especially retention. Sure, you can do that, but wondering how, why and what to do will take you nowhere. It’ll only bring you down, especially if the retention drops - and that may happen. Focus on writing and enjoy creating your own story. You can’t please everyone, especially those who will never give you reason why they left your story on 1st chapter. It’s impossible to gain that information, let’s be honest.

It’s nice to have feedback and improve your skills, but retention is and will be always a mystery. If you’re worried about the rank on the app, let me tell you that even with lower retention (under 50% on the first 3 chapters), you can be in the top 10 in genre.

So, just so you know, keep writing and try not to check those stats often, it often takes motivation from authors ;3


This is so true! Only yesterday I was looking at mine (it was just 31% for the first chapter of my latest story) but today I hit rank 5 in genre and I couldn’t believe it!

@DigiKat don’t get demotivated by the retention, you’re doing great! :heartpulse:


Ahh, thanks so much for the wise words and the encouragement!

In all honesty, I do write for my own enjoyment, and to bring my characters to life is a reward in itself, but it’s always an amazing boost to have other people enjoy it as well!

As you mentioned, gathering feedback to improve is one of the main points I even created the post - I’m already content with my story, but people always manage to bring in new perspective and that’s the best part of the community! Everyone is super nice and you still get to hear their honest thoughts :heartpulse:


Oh gawd, congrats girl!!! :party_time: And thank you for your kind words as well! :heart_eyes:

With my other story I also noticed the more reads it gets the higher the retention, even though it also managed to get high in genre ranking, hence why I was a little worried about this specific story (it’s not even 1k yet).

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I stopped but that’s more of a wheelhouse issue.
Vampire stories are not my thing.

The direction and composition was good so far. My issues are my own:

I can’t tolerate lots of panning and zooming but that’s a concussion problem.

I generally don’t like sound cues in stories. They’re more often annoying than add to the atmosphere, and sometimes just one per chapter and then what’s the point? /rant

I get turned off if there are too many disclaimers before a story starts. Others might not have this problem but I do. I’m impatient, but that’s me.
I also dislike being told what pace to tap in and other things like that. I’ll read the story at my own pace, thank you.

You did a lot of work on this i can tell. There’s a good bit of mood setting in the opening, and like I said, direction overall is very skillful. It’s just me and my own issues and personal preferences.

This is to say in my own roundabout blathering way that the people who stop after the first chapter may be doing so because of their own personal reasons and does not reflect on the quality of the story or your presentation.

You’ll find your ideal audience, give it time.

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Hey, thanks so much for the input, even if some of it is just up to personal preference! :heartpulse:
That’s precisely why I’ve put emphasis on “YOU” in post title! I’m really happy to hear everyone’s feedback!

THIS is a very valid point and worth considering for every author! Adding a choice-based option to turn off pannables and/or flashing lights is something I’ll definitely be putting on my sticky notes wall!

Out of curiosity here - would you rather have sound descriptions as readerMessage or would you find those annoying? :thinking:

(I’ve been thinking about adding Closed Captions, but tbf I never found enough motivation to actually implement those.)

Same here, but I’m biased when it comes to my story, so would you say the ones here were taking too long?

Once again, thanks so much for voicing your opinions and for being extremely kind along the way!!! :hugs:

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Hey, I had an issue like this except my retention was only 36% for episode 1 even though I had very advanced directing and a captivating plot. Authors and community members have differing opinions to readers on the app so even the tiniest of things can put them off. I would advise you to not check the retention statistic and just keep doing what you’re doing already. I ended up resenting my story due to it and discontinued, and I’d hate for someone else to do the same. So please, ignore that % and just keep pushing through!

The reason for someone clicking off can be something tiny, nothing against you or your work. The first couple of episodes are the decider for everyone reading, and if they’re not interested in the tropes the story has and whatnot they’ll just click off. I hope this helps!

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That is an excellent idea! I’m only HoH in my left ear (because of the TBI) but those with a more profound hearing loss might miss important cues. I always watch TV with the captioning on.

Same here, but I’m biased when it comes to my story, so would you say the ones here were taking too long?

It was better than most I’ve seen. Some have long slow fade to black transitions in between several cards so it takes a long time. Yours at least were all on the same backdrop, with the text as overlay, which is a better way to do it, IMO.

It’s certainly worth considering, to make your story more accessible, to provide those options. There are lots of neurodivergent folks like me out there with their own distinct issues. Having someone at least acknowledge that this might be a problem for some is a huge victory for the disabled community.

And you’re welcome!

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You’re not alone in this. The first episode of my stories usually have low completion rate too. For the second episode and above, it gets better. Continue writing and try not to think too much about why this happens to the first episode. That’s what I do. Good luck with your story.


I love it actually, I’m glad you posted it. I love the aspect of vampire, fantasy, adventure and romance all in one. My only comment is I would’ve liked it to be more of a slow burn, seems like the LI is getting soft for the MC already but that’s just my interpretation.

Otherwise I’ve added it to my favorites, thanks! :blush::two_hearts:

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I’m terribly sorry you felt that way!!! I’d say don’t you EVER dare to drop something you enjoy doing, just because someone didn’t like it! :triumph: Thanks for the words of encouragement and I hope you took your own advice to heart as well and actually continued writing!

@raiawrites Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m super happy to hear you enjoy the story so far!!!

That’s a great advice, thanks for that as well! To be completely honest I’m not a big fan of “enemies to lovers” trope, since I find the characters really toxic most of the time, so I wanted to put a hard emphasis on the fact that LI is NOT a bad person, just dislikes MC’s “species”, haha. But overall you’re right, I also felt it was getting a bit too cozy, so I will definitely keep that in mind for future chapters! :heartpulse:

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Yes! I understand. I’m not the biggest fan of enemies to lovers either, but I like when the MC and LI don’t get too comfortable quick. I looked at this more of strangers to friends to lovers kind of thing but thank you for taking my advice so kindly! :blush:

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