Whyy? noo 😭


I just lost my angel! my brother! my moral and mental support! @ken.gray

Why? Idek

He is the most sweet, truthful, real, fun. sensitive person I have ever met here!

I’m so sad, If he leaves I will to. I think he’s gone by now

someone pleaase tell me why?? :sob:

I swear whoever fault this is, is giving me the worst panic attack.


What happened???


I don’t think he is leaving the forums…


He. is . gone.

I swear I will find out whoever fault it was

because that person will be the fault of my exit to


Did he tell you he is leaving…or are you jsut assuming? Cause I don’t think he left


he said he was done


Pm me


He’s not leaving he’ll be back (I almost positive)


He is leaving


Oh crap then nvm :grimacing:


No he did leave :sob::sob::sob:


@ken.gray our beef today sucked. And the thing with Z. And choco… but dude, don’t leave. There are so may people here that need and want you. I don’t hate you, and I will genuinely be sad if you leave. Don’t go, ken… please…


He already left


what’s his insta


I have no clue


don’t you have a crush on him

what’s his sc


Idk :woman_shrugging:





you literally never thought to ask your crush for his insta or his sc

smh, I’m panicking rn and you’re no help


You don’t think I am freaking out rn?