Wich one of my Covers is better? Help please!


I need to know, which one is better, the actual cover or the new one.!
It’s hard for me to say because I made both of them.
I’ll give you the story description so you can choose better
"Nicole is about to meet two men that will turn her world into a swirl of emotions, they’ll become her life in a fierce storm. She’ll survive the dangerous hidden truth?"

Nicole (MC) Is a journalist and anthropologist but she works in the advertising world as a producer. Her life was “made” for her until she gets into a swirl of emotions and a whole new dangerous unknown world.

This is the new one:

This is the actual cover


Personally, I like the first one better, I don’t really know why…
That’s just my opinion though


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I like the first cover…


I like the first one too.


I like the first one maybe because it caught my attention and because I feel that the second one needed zero effort to make…like just save the image from google and add text


Good point.


I like the second


I like the first one better. It has a good feel to it, and it seems to have more time put into it. That’s just me, though.


thanks :slight_smile:


The second one talks about the mirages and that when we lie to ourselves we’ll end broken.


that’s make me happy because it tooks me a lot of time do it :smiley:


and you are right!


The first one looks like every other story to me


@GiaCereni I prefer the actual cover because I think that it suits the description of the story much more effectively than the new cover does. The actual cover reminds me of a bad storm, maybe like hail or a tornado, and you describe that two men will come into her life in a ‘fierce storm’, and I think the second cover represents that well with the crack in the glass/mirror. It’s like she was once looking at her great life, and after the situation occurs and she looks into the mirror again, it cracks, showing the effects of everything going around her.

Maybe I’m analyzing it too deeply lol, but nonetheless, I can feel the mysterious and dark atmosphere with the actual cover (second cover) fitting with the plot. I cannot feel the same with the first cover. I also think the second cover is more original, unique and interesting compared to the first one.


I like the first one :slight_smile:


Ohh well, you just described the story, also, the plot is very original. (my readers said that) thanks for share your thoughts.


Can I ask you something, you can see that two people are crying in the first one? One with sadness and Nicole with rage?


Yes, I can see them


I wasn’t sure that the tears were clearly visible