Wide Scale Outfit Ideas Thread

Just because I like making outfits but I do literally nothing with them, so I thought I’d share them.
I’m pretty sure I made another thread like this before, but it’s been a trillion years and I’m too lazy to reopen it. :I

By the way, most of these were based on story ideas (that never came to fruition).

  1. Manifesting a group of bandits who live in the deep forest.

  2. Regal Fantasy-setting attire

  3. Think: A bleak, cold land with a (considered)aristocrat

  4. Aristocrat Dress

  5. Dystopian World (Suffocating air, chemical air type?)

    (Since we now have the black face mask we can also put that on)

  6. A Gentleman’s Attire
    (I’m seriously too lazy to list the names of the items, so I’m just showing the outfit combinations)

That’s it for now~

I’m going to sleep now but if anyone would want to suggest outfits I’d love to try it out in the morning. Hope it’s useful.


Wow, this outfits are amazing!
You have are so talented :heart:


Yes, you are very talented :clap:!! Thank you so much for your help. How would you like me to credit you?


Credit not needed, I shared them because I’m not using them haha. Feel free to use and modify. Thanks!


Ok, thank you again!!