Widow overlay/background requests edit help

I need some help requesting different overlay edits. This is a lot of stuff, and I need it as soon as possible. I can’t be without these edits, because it’s important to the plot of my story.

This one is meant to be a background for the first overlay. I don’t thing it needs any changes to fit the format, so it’s simply imagery to help the editing process/imagination.

This png overlay needs to have red bricks surrounding all sides to it. It’s basically supposed to be “from the outside looking in” with bushes at the bottom.

I’m not sure how to explain this, but the bottom image here needs an outdoor view for the night. Only seeable through the windows. This should be turned into a background, with wood walls surrounding the windows. Basically, same woodwork as the first picture.

This is what needs to be seen outside of the window above. Minus the lights from the mansion across the pond. Those lights should be out. If possible, just erase the mansion with a garden.

I really need this for my story, and it can’t be without it. If anyone could do this, I would very much appreciate it.


Someone should be able to help, hopefully.

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