WiFi restriction...!?

So…I’m SUPER confused.

I currently am living in my university dorm…and I noticed that every time I try to open the portal while I’m connected to the university’s WiFi, this is what happens:

This has never happened when I use mobile data, or I’m home using our home’s WiFi. At first, I though probably it’s an issue with the WiFi speed but all other sites were working just fine, so I ran a speed test and found that the connection was just fine. Here’s the result:

I have two hypothesis:

  • This particular website is blocked from my university’s server. (which seems highly unlikely considering Episode isn’t that much known to the people of my university…in my four years here, I found only six individuals except for me who has been using this app…all of them are students and none of them are authors)
  • Each student in our university has an internet ID associated with our university-email which we use to access the WiFi. Maybe this is happening because the domain of our university-email is .edu and Episode officials doesn’t allow any other domains except for .com.

This issue is really affecting my writing because I only visit my home on the weekends and it’s not possible for me to spend that much money on buying mobile data packages. So…if anyone has faced a similar issue, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Did you try running a test with a VPN? You can download the free version or any VPN you want, switch the location to any country, and see if there is still a problem. Imo, it should make a wall between the Uni server (they could have blocked any sites like that, tbh; you can always ask IT for the list of those or ask for this particular one if they did that) and the VPN IP. But I’m not sure, so this is just a suggestion.

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I’ve thought about it but the last time I used VPN to get better internet speed my IP got blocked and I had to reboot my system…so I kinda got scared about using them again.

Thank you for suggesting BTW.

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Try a different web browser, if it comes up with the same message, it’s probably blocked at your uni.

You could ask the IT department if they could unblock the website. It’s most likely been categorised wrong in the web filter.