Will anyone enter IG giveaway with ART prizes?

I would like to make an art giveaway for my next post and would know if people would like to enter?
Rules will be:

  1. Follow me
  2. like
  3. share on ur story/make a post
    Will be 2 winners
    1st place : semi realistic waist (1 character)
    2nd place : cartoon shoulder length

My examples


I would enter.

I would enter for sure.
(If posting on feed isn’t required, posting on story is no problem)

Same …But i would love to participate :blush:

Amazing to know. I will 100% notice everyone who said yes on this post

I would enter. Also your art is amazing. :exploding_head:

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Awww thank u!

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I am gonna enter, will you create a post on Instagram for it?

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i would definitely enter, your art is beautiful :heartpulse:

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I’ll love to enter, btw your art work is amazing❤

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yes i will, will let u know

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