Will code 4 moneys

I can spot direct, move and enlarge overlays, and do basic episode coding as well. I will code your story for 2 dollars an hour.

I’m not sure, but I think asking for money is against the guidelines.

Coding for pay is not against the guidelines. :slight_smile: So long as assets are not being sold, it’s fine.


How fast can you get stuff done?

I can write 800 lines in about 10 hours, but it depends how much dialogue or coding there is.


Sorry I meant… , is your time free to write now? As I would be interested just as long as you are available to work now and get it done in a week? Would that be enough time?
If interested please pm me. I will pay via PayPal if you are interested.

If you can please help me, I’d definitely be interested. :revolving_hearts:


I have Venmo, and I’m going out of town this week for fall break but I always have ways of making free time! You can pm me on Instagram at @traumaqueen144

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Thats smart.

This is an advertisement for my coding only, you’re welcome to make a post yourself

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ignore this

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Also, you need to give EXAMPLES of your coding honey cause if you can code that fast, 0 effort is going into it.

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I literally was nice and said I didn’t want to create comeptition. I was just trying to advertise myself. I mean, you’re being really rude. You pm me too ab this. Stop being mean. And stop saying people are better than other people. I can code fast bc I have the time. I said I do it for free if its 50/50 and start charging if its 100/50. Okay.

I’m not trying to be rude! your work is amazing! it’s just annoying when people do this :pensive: but to stay on topic, how much are u pricing coding at? 2$ right?

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$3 actually. For an episode.

Well you are being rude. Make your own post, and don’t advertise on MY advertisement just because it may be inactive (or people don’t like the ad you posted)

People charge for coding? Has this always been a thing?

And these comments :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So make another. I thought people had enough Common curtesy to not leech potential customers off of me, but I guess not, so I’ll say it now: DON’T ADVERTISE ON MY POST

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I’m being blunt

Well I’m sorry. I thought that ppl had to say don’t advertise bc a lot of ppl have advertised on my posts.