Will code your story for $5/hour

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I see you went from 2 dollars to 5 :blob_hearts: And I understand Born to Reign isn’t published but since you gave it as an example in your post, could you link it anyway (so people can beta read it and see a sample of your coding?) This way, I believe you will attract a much wider audience :blob_hearts:


I’m tired of being poor, it sucks. Born to Reign has one episode finished and I would need permission from the author before I can let you see the story! If you’re interested, You don’t need to pay me until the whole episode is done and you’ve seen it and like it!


All right, thanks for clarifying. Well examples would be nice, at the end of the day it’s a service you are in charge of and that you run so you can choose whether to show them or not. Good luck :blob_hearts:


Thanks! You’re definitely right on the examples part​:grin::sweat_smile:

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This is really smart… now how do you get paid tho. Just wondering

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Through Venmo or pay pal

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Ok cool. Whats venmo

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Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. Venmo account holders can transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app

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Cool. Thanks.

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How much can you code in 1 hour?

It depends how much spot directing or dialogue is Nessessary, but I can usually get at least 100 lines Of dialouge in an hour, or a very convoluted spot direction sequence in an hour

This is a pretty fantastic idea! I love writing and hate coding my stories. $5 an hour doesn’t sound bad at all. So about how long would it take you to do a 5000-10000 line chapter?

the most i’ve done for one chapter is 1000 lines and it took 20 hours which included photoshopping overlays etc… I have a loong break coming up soon so it may not take that long, I wouldn’t be able to say for certain since i’ve never done something of that quantity. if i use math I would probably take 100-200 hours 0.0 which is a LOT of money, i can negotiate a different price because of the quantity.