Will do read for read!


AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT TOO :fire: :heart_eyes:


I’ll read yours Next & provide screenshots.:wink: unfortunately I don’t have 7 passes, to read all at once, I currently have 4, so when I’ve completely it, by morning I’ll be able to upload screenshots…


Okay, no problem. And thanks :grin:


No problem at all, I enjoy reading as much as I do writing, besides I’m very curious to see what’ll happen in urs!!:grin:


I’ve completed your story and Its really good, unpredictable and I’m excited to know what’ll happen next! My male best friend seems to be a sweetheart but really shy :wink:and as for my boyfriend OMG! he’s very sketchy, I sooo wanna know what hes up to, BTW I’ve given you a shoutout as well on my IG story and It will be in my highlights even after the 24 hours is up! I LOVED your story.:raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heartbeat:


read the first three chapters of your story. :blush:


Title: Gravity (LGBT+)
Genre: Romance
Description: LGBT+ story/Matt’s crush, Zach, starts to develop feelings for Matt. Their relationship blooms and grows, but so do the problems they must face. Love is its own gravity.

Just started my first story *Sorry the cover art hasn’t been reviewed yet