Will Episode make new outfit and hairstyles for Ink Version?

Hey, Episodians

I got a question

Will episode Make new outfits, hairstyles for Ink Version? I hope they will one day, because lots of authors write Ink Version…
Like me, i got 2 stories of Ink Version

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No they are not going to release any more clothings, hairstyles or anything for Ink,

:frowning: Oh

As Rose said, a while back they discontinued new content for Ink, so they can focus solely on LL and improvements in the portal, the app etc

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Ohh okay… Thanks so much…

But is a shame, i love ink and other Authors use Ink version…

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It is a bit of a shame, but its not like they are getting rid of ink, it’s still an option and there are plenty of assets for it

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You can also check out this post from Liz about why Ink will no longer be updated: PETITION: More Ink!

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