Will I Get Paid On Episode Even if I'm from Another Country?! 🤔❤️

Hey Peeps, i’m really curious Because My Friend Is Writing Her Own Story She is Really good at making Plot Twist And Most Of All Making Stories So She Tried Episode And Make Stories (Not Published Yet) Can I ask If She Will Get Paid On Episode Even If She’s From Another Country Its Not Like She Needs To Get Paid But it is Her hobby And We Love helping People So She Promised If She Get Paid On Episode Me and My friend Will Help Homeless People So Just Asking if she will Get Paid On Episode Even If She’s From another Country?:heart::thinking:


But what does this Payment Have to do with The Topic If her Country Is not in this picture Can You Answer Please?!:pleading_face::heart:


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That is just e-check, local bank transfer. There are 4 payment methods. You friend can opt for any other other payment methods like wire transfer or paper check


Make sure you read the payments FAQ properly. Residents of all countries are eligible for payments as long as they are 18+ and reach the reads threshold

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So my Friend Can Get Paid On Episode Even If She’s from example: thailand, philippines and etc?:thinking::heart:

Please ask your friend to read the FAQ I linked.

All residents of ALL countries are eligible



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Uh’mm but still if she is from philippines can she get paid?:sweat_smile:

I’m pretty sure they do hold it till you reach 18. But unlocking payments is not easy. There’s lots authors here who have been writing for years and still haven’t unlocked it.

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Is Phillipines included in ALL countries?

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Yeah, That,s true writers payment is not easy and is actually very hard

idk? can you pls let me know if philippines is included?:sweat_smile: because i’m doing it for my friend lmao :two_hearts:

She loves writing Episode!:two_hearts::sweat_smile:

I cannot keep explaining this to you. Your friend in Phillipines is eligible for payments because ALL countries are included.

Ask you friend to read the FAQ I linked above.

When you unlock payments Episode will send you a notification on your portal “congrats you unlocked payments” something like that



But there is no philippines there?:sweat_smile: omg i’m sorry if i’m annoying!:rofl::heart:

Dude I just told you your friend is eligible. It just means she cannot select the second option, she can choose the other 3 options.

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Has your friend even unlocked payments? When she unlocks it she can start worrying about how she receives it

That’s actually the local bank transfer
Like @PoojaI said any one is able to get in writers payment if the qualify for the writers payment

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Send this link to your friend

So these are the only options?:arrow_down: