Will I still be able to write my stories?

So I got an IPhone for my bday today and I know you can’t switch from android to iOS (sadly). Does that mean my stories I’m writing are lost? Please help

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If you’re writing stories, they shouldn’t be lost, since they’re written on the Writer’s Portal on the web browser. It’s just reading stories where progress is lost.

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So I’ll need to create a new avatar on mobile?

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I don’t think so.



You should still be able to log on to your portal. Your story progress (the stories you are reading) however, won’t be transferred over.

I’d even recommend logging on to the desktop facing portal to make sure it’s all still there.


This happened to me a while ago. You’ll still be able to access your story on the WEB, but when you download episode on your iphone and try to log in they aren’t going to let you bc sadly you can’t switch from andriod to IOS on episode.

You will have to create a new episode account on your phone, BuT as far as writing the story on the computer you’re fine. WHAT SUCKS is that the only way you can preview your stories on your iphone is if you email them to yourself BEFORE its published. After you publish it, you can’t preview it you’d have to read it like an outside reader. KEEP your andriod so that you can preview your stories and won’t have to re read any stories you never finished reading.


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I emailed support and they moved my account from Android to Apple. Not my progress, but all my stories. This was a while ago but I imagine it’s still possible?

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Can someone close this? My issue was solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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