Will Ink Go Away?

I’ve been noticing the tracking for Episode’s INK category. It shows that it’s popular now, but it seems like Episode is not doing anything for INK as much as Limelight and Classic?

In my personally taste, I don’t like Classic, but I suppose it’s nostalgic for others, but it seems like that lost art is now rising again and there has been little to no progress on INK? I’ve seen clothes updated for Classic (ink on April 6) and animations are updated for Limelight, but not Ink? Being honest. I think animations count more.

Not to mention Episode wants to do all this extra cr*p of Spotlighting when all they have to do is add more clothes to please their community

If this keep this up do you think INK will die out in the long run and Limelight would be the new thing? Or Whatever crazy art they have next?


I don’t know what Episode plans for Ink but it doesn’t have to die, classic died because a lot of people stopped reading, but I honestly think Ink was more popular than classic ever was so I don’t think people will forget about if they keep reading it.


Just a thought because it seems like people are slowly shifting from Ink. Especially when you take the polls into consideration And Classic was barley voted on.

Btw, Do you ever see any new Classic stories now?


I don’t think I have seen any new ones, I’m kinda sad it died as there are so many amazing stories written in that style that people won’t give a chance as it is in that style. But honestly if it’s a good story people shouldn’t care what style it is.

And even if people are shifting from Ink there is always going to be a large group who stays and supports it. As new styles come people get interested to see what it is like, and although lots of people are in love with LL there are just as many people who love Ink. But no way will I want to see Ink die :slight_smile:


I don’t think Classic has had any new assets released for months?? Most new system upgrades and technical features work for Ink and LL, but don’t work for Classic, so Classic authors don’t even get that :joy:
Anyway, Episode are not making any new content for Ink, but they’re slowly releasing all the unreleased clothes and stuff like that. I don’t think there are any animations left to be released for it.
Limelight will regularly get new content. All styles will remain available, it’s just the older ones won’t get any new assets.


INK. will never die because people prefer INK over Limelight (I prefer Limelight though)


I don’t think that INK will ever die to be honest…
So many people prefer INK over LL…


There are new Classic stories, as myself and a few other people I know of are still bringing out Classic stories. They just aren’t as popular, as many people prefer Ink and Limelight. I don’t think Ink will die out, as it is such a popular style. Also, there haven’t been any updates to Classic at all for many months. I wish there was though :smile: but I understand they have to focus on Limelight. Overall, I don’t think Ink will die out because of how popular it is.


from what I’ve heard episode is discontinuing features for ink. it could be false tho

As much as a hype for LL. There’s barley anything to work with. Wished they’d release LL a little later.


I didn’t even think they did any updates for Classic anymore. I hear what you are saying about not any new updates for ink. They are rushing LL and they haven’t added all the features that should be there (facial features, clothing etc), so they should still improve ink now.


Yes, I feel for the first year of LL (it’s not LL’s anniversary yet?), they should have given some new additions for ink, not just previously unreleased stuff, because to me, it seems like they need to do some work for LL to be at a comparative level (in my opinion) to ink.


Yes, that is what I was saying. Since they are still working on adding new features to LL (I presume at least), then they should give us new features for ink in the meantime until LL has the same amount of features as ink.


This is so true. And they had the weirdest nerve to force people to do a FANTASY Contest(MAGIC, SPELLS, CREATURES etc) Story with LL. I’m looking at these props like…Bish how? And who has the time to edit a million overlays just to get a good scene.

I’m actually working on a LL story, but I’m taking my incredible time to release anything.


I’m going to have to correct you here. Classic didn’t just die because a lot of people stopped reading it, it died because of factors such as Classic authors being unable to participate in contests. I don’t know how it is now, but Classic stories were unable to enter contests. I remember Episode making BIG efforts to have writers shift towards INK.


Yes, INK will die out just as Classic has. When I left the community a few years ago, Classic was still going and quite popular imo. I didn’t think it would die out. But, look where we are now.

And as a side note, I don’t really want people thinking I like Classic out of nostalgia. Just want to let you know that the reason I like Classic is simply animations are less realistic, hair, outfits, etc. I just love the way it looks.

By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, when was Classic’s last update? Do you know? :eyes:


The INK style might become less popular in the long run (Keyword - might).
The only reason many people aren’t preferring LIMELIGHT (according to what I’ve heard from mah Episode friends) is that it has less wardrobe options (compared to INK & CLASSIC), doesn’t have the Stubble feature for males (which many mafia authors want for their story, I dunno why :joy:) and have ‘creepy’ behaviour (last one didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever :joy:). But LIMELIGHT was released in a hurry and is still in the process of building up, so I’m no one to argue…
And if INK does become less popular, what’s to say that in the long run, another style would be released which would replace the other three styles real soon again?


Me I seriously prefer INK style:unicorn::smile:


What’s your user? I really want to read some Classic Style stories, but I can’t find any.

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Have you read Dripping Mascara ?