Will it only be limelight style from now on?


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I’m not sure if I’m writing in the correct category but I’m sure it’s not much of a problem…

Okay so 1st of all urgent vocabulary question : what is limelight what is ink ? From what I gathered on the forum limelight is the most recent episode still (if not please correct me) and I will be speaking of this particular style :

So I decided to write a topic today because I’m very confused and apprehensive. To be honest, I really dislike the limelight style (newest episode style). It’s like they’ve tried to make it look so real yet it’s really disturbing. So much so that I never read those type of styled stories. Only problem is, the recent episode stories are all in limelight and I’m worried the old style will disappear? Do you writers still have the option ?
I’d like some answers and please do share your opinion on these styles, I’d be interested to see who dis/agrees :slight_smile:
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Writer’s can still choose between Classic, INK, and LL styles, although no one really chooses Classic anymore.
I would say INK is most common and it’s my favorite.
I do agree that INK is almost dying off though. It’ll probably be a long time (months? years?) till it’s completely gone.


LIMELIGHT, INK, CLASSIC, and SPOTLIGHT are the different styles to choose from. Out of the 3 cinematic styles, LIMELIGHT is the newest and CLASSIC is the oldest. They are not going to remove any of the styles, but they will start updating them less eventually. They do not update CLASSIC anymore, but they still occasionally update INK.

I don’t know when they will truly start a big faze out of INK. I think the most popular style is still INK. While LIMELIGHT has nice outfits and lots of props and animations, I think it is too jerky in the way they move. They are also a bit to realistic. I prefer the cartoon (but not creepy) animation style. A lot of people say it is also hard to make like a middle age person since everyone in LIMELIGHT has such baby-faces.

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You can still write in all of the styles and Classic has died out a lot. I, personally, love Classic the most and I’m not the biggest fan of the others, but I know the majority of people like the other styles better. I don’t like that Episode really focus on the most recent styles and they don’t update Classic anymore, which is kind of upsetting to us who love Classic. I think episode should showcase all styles and give them equal attention (if that’s the right way of putting it), just a thought :thinking:


Frankly, I don’t like limelight, and prefer ink and classic.


That’s a great thought. (Thanks for putting your two cents in)
I feel like Episode needs to move forward as a company. Clinging on to the “old” styles will move the company backward, not forward. I understand their decision to completely halt Classic updates.

But, they should not get rid of Classic. Even though, I feel like there are no advantages of Classic, many authors put their heart and soul into those stories. Just like with INK.


I don’t like Limelight either. I don’t mind it, I read stories in any style as long as it’s good, but I prefer to write in INK. The main thing that really upsets me is all the new clothes for both LL and INK are in the same style! They’ve even updated old INK clothes to look Limelight and it really bothers me. Keep the Limelight in Limelight and INK in INK. Please.

It’s super annoying.


Maybe the artist have different art styles than the previous ones. Or, maybe this style is more preferable.


Hopefully not, I am an author myself and I really like INK! But I’m pretty sure INK won’t die off soon, a lot of people are still using INK! I like limelight, but just not as much as INK. I just feel like growing up with INK! I’m pretty sure one or two people will still use INK in the years time, including myself. If INK really dies out soon, I’m pretty sure I’ll still use it! Some people still read episode stories that are written in classic, including me. I really think 3 styles are just the perfect amount, and we don’t need a lot if we do, it will be really messy and there are only a few people will like and the others will be kinda useless. We don’t need too much, and I hope people agree with me.


the period that was classic and ink has show up, everyone hate ink, I did myself, now that ll has show up everyone love ink and don’t like ll, I think that the things will change again, at first I didn’t like ink too, I have a story in classic, I thought the animations were so lame


I think limelight is the best. Its more realisctic and beautifull.


I agree, a lot of people still choose Ink or Limelight, however I still love all three styles.


I’m a fan of all the styles; most of my stories are in ink, but I’m planning on a limelight story.


I prefer INK. limelight is okay, personally think classic episode characters look strange , that’s just my opinion tho .


I prefer limelight. I loooove Limelight :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: And I hope we will soon have more GOOD stories in limelight :heart:


They’ll probably have another style by 2019 / 2020.

INK will be done by 2019/2020


I find it sad that Limelight is getting the majority of focus and updates from Episode, but thankful that Ink is still getting little scraps of updates while they release their back catalogue of stuff for it. I found Episode when it was classic but was so freaked out by the style I couldn’t get into it so uninstalled. I found again just over a year ago with Ink and fell in love with Episode.
Sadly Limelight is giving me similar heebie jeebies that Classic did :joy: but so long as people still write in Ink (getting new assets or not) and I can still write in Ink, I’ll be sticking around. Since you can still choose to write in Classic, I suspect Ink will remain too.
Hopefully they’ll sort out the awkwardness of Limelight as at the moment, it’s so lifeless and soulless. However the style itself for me is still a big problem because the character’s look so weird and I don’t think that will inherently change. So not sure I’ll ever be able to get into it. But hey, who knows. Maybe creepiness and dead inside looking character’s will grow on me 🤷


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