Will it work if I am from other gmail account

One week ago I broke my laptop. From it I wrote my story, and now I am with my mum’s laptop. I don’t remember my gmail password and email because I made them hard. Can I send my story for review from other gmail accoun? Also now to send my story to review? I am new at this. Don’t laugh I am and I had laptop for first time in my life last year. Also if my laptop is fixed earlier and the story isn’t reviewed can I still publish or I will have to wait? :confused:
Pls don’t judge my stupid questions…

Unfortunatly you are not able to get into your episode account from a different gmail. I suggest looking up any paper, not, text that has your gmail on it, and then use a phone number or something like that to recover your password. To send your story you have to publish it. The episode leaders will eventualy get around to looking over it. Or you could always ask someone to read over it for you. Your story does not have to be reviewed to be published. If you are talking about any bacgrounds or overlays, yes, you are unable to publish your story without those being ok’d by the episode people.

no you cant enter if from different account.

if you remember your gmail name you can how ever reset the password for your email - if you have set your phone or other email as a possibility for the contact then when it will send you to that second email or phone eather code or link to be to get back to your account.

If your laptop is in repare they usualy do delete all and reset in to the standard setting so you might not be able to get to the email back even having your laptop - so the only possibility is to reset the password.

I don’t think your story is even going to be reviewed even if you send it from your Gmail.

Honestly Idk how to understand this. Does that mean my story will never be in trending?

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