Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors

It is already published and someone has read and said it has a lot of grammar errors, i really need to correct them before other people reed the story.

If you want to do it please pm me.


Hello @Zoekezoef. This is Camelost, and I just wanted to remind you of our Forum Tutorial. Please make sure you’re creating topics in the correct category. Thank you and have a good day. :sunglasses:


I don’t get it I only ask script and coding questions, and then I go there if it is for beta testing or looking for a writing partner I go there, where did I go wrong?

Where do i have to put it in? I will change.

Do not worry about this post; I have moved it to the correct category for you. Please note that in the future, make sure you put your posts in the correct category. If you need assistance, feel free to check out the Forum Tutorial, which will tell you where to put your topics. Thank you :sunglasses:

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