Will the characters appearence change?


Alright, so, in my story I have this character that I let the readers customize. But, I would like to change his appearance a little anyways, not for the ones that already customized him, but for those who haven’t come that far yet, if you know what I mean?
So, my question is, if I generally just change the characters appearance a little, will it be changed to the other readers that already customized him too?


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No who already have customized it and are in a chapter in which they can’t customize the character it wouldn’t change the look of characters…


Oh, good. Thank you for the answer!


No problem…


If you change the appearance in the character settings, then yes it will also change the appearance of the already customized character.


Oh, really? So the character they customized will end up looking just like it does originally?


The character that was customized will change whatever feature you change in character settings. So if you wanted to just change the eye shape and the hairstyle, then the customized character will only change just their eye shape and hairstyle to whatever you chose.


Ohhh ok, I understand. Thank you!


So you shouldn’t change that character’s appearance, otherwise you’d have to let your readers recustomize that character.


Yeah, I won’t now that I know how it works. Glad that I found it out :blush:


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: