Will The Sims 4 Ruin My Computer?

I used to have The Sims 4 on my old laptop, and it used to stuff up quite a lot. I don’t know if it’s just my old laptop that was trash or it was the game that was doing it.

I have a new laptop and I have not yet downloaded the game. I want to, but I’m worried that my laptop will start to stuff up.

And it’s through Origin, if that changes anything.

Well I have it on a computer and not a laptop so I’m not 100% sure But I think you should be fine

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If you really like sims then money spend on a really good gameing computer is worth it.

I have evry sims game from 1 to 4 on my computer. it is not even half full in storage. and run smuthly. they are expesnive but worth it

regarding your computer i have no idea unleash you say what kind it is

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It’s not a proper gaming computer. I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s a HP brand, if that matters lol

It really depends on how much space you have on your computer. If you have multiple downloads,photos,videos it’s going to have a impact on the game.

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I have sims 4 on my Samsung book don’t have any issue excellent quality and have heaps of mods on it and no issue.

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If you have an old computer, you will have to run the game at lower settings.

Check the advised requirements with your computer’s specifications.

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Thank you!

I have an hp laptop, and my Sims 4 is working just fine.
Maybe, you have tons of files other than the Sims 4? I usually minimize my files and delete them after they’re not of use…

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My new laptop hardly has any files lol I have recently downloaded the game, actually. But I’ve only played it like twice since then