Will this code work?

So I want that someone look like other in my story and I wanted to know if this code will work:

@CHARACTER1 changes hairColor into CHARACTER2

It won’t work, you need to write the name of the color. For example, if you want your character to have black hair, you should code:
@CHARACTER1 changes hairColor into Black

Hope this helped! :kissing_closed_eyes:

I know this… I meant the code for twins… whatever

I know this code

@FAMILY becomes MC 
@FAMILY changes hairColor into MC

I only want to know if @CHAR1 changes haircolor into CHAR2 works

Short answer: I’t doesn’t.

the trick becomes is only meant to work with the whole character.
To change one seperate feature you need to be specific, like Kamica said.


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Ok… :cry::cry::cry:

WHY… :sob:

too dramatic?

Maybe a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This might just be the pessimist in me talking but like most good hidden effects I think the code for becomes was originally created so that the featured stories would have less recustom your character in their stories. It looks better and seems more professional if you don’t have a lot of interruption in the story with these kind of things. With becomes they can create as many characters they want that looks exactly like the one the reader designed without the reader being the wiser,

What do you need it for?
If you already have a character and you just want to change the haircolor, just change the haircolor.
If you want to have your readers customlly chosen haircolor, but your own look, create the character with becomes - making the character look like the customly made character - then change the features you want differently with changes into to have your own look.


If u want to create characters exactly the same then you shall write


But if you only want to change a few features to be the same than you must change both like :

@CHARACTER1 changes hairColor into Black
@CHARACTER2 changes hairColor into Black

Etc etc…

I hope it helps :sparkling_heart: