Will this story title be banned? 😅

Hope this is the correct category.

I have an unpublished story. The story plot and title are purely my own idea. No plagiarism and not inspired from any books, movies, etc. But I just found out that my story title has already been taken in Wattpad (and who knows in other apps too) and it is also a title of an infamous song.

The story title is a two scientific related words and it is quite common in scientific terms. So will my story be banned if I use this title? Any thoughts? :heart:

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I don’t think your story would be banned based on the title. It’s kind of like how if a story was named Bad Boy, it most likely wouldn’t be taken down because the title is similar to a song by Cascada.

Now, if you were doing something like taking content within those similar titled things, then that would be plagiarism. Based on what you said, I don’t think it would be considered plagiarism.


Based on the synopsis in the Wattpad story, the plot is totally different from mine. Thanks for your advice!

Btw I love Cascada’s Bad Boy song. Hehe

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What’s your story about? Also, I had to get my daily Cascada reference in.

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It is a story about a human meeting a non entity. Some part of it is science fiction themed, some mystery, and a tad of comedy :blush:


If the plot of your story is something like a song, then maybe. Otherwise, you are safe

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It is not the same :smiley: