Will you marry me? ❤



Secz honey I love you so much! I remember the day I asked you first to be my boyfriend. Lol you thought it was a dare!

Then when I asked you to marry me and you asked what was the price of the rong that I thought for you.

When I first crushed on you I thought you were so indifferent towards anything. Like your reply to everything would be “Lol.”

I was honestly planning on buying you a dictionary. But I see now how much you have changed. You call me “my girl” and you actually listen to my never ending rambling patiently. And then you always give sensible ideas when I am worrying over something. Hell, you even helped me with my homework one day! And that my dear flatters me more than your compliments could ever do! I love you so much. Will you marry me Secz? :ring:



Oh yes.


Lol you really are supposed to say something more than that.


Yay mom


Whoop whoop :upside_down_face: forum marriage


@Secretz_lol it’s still less.


Don’t care.


You should!


You are man with less words​:sunglasses: you really need a dictionary :upside_down_face:


This is so cute! Invite me to your wedding!


Lol he does! I am gonna give a dictionary as wedding gift!


Aww thanks honey. I know I am cute and sure!


:joy:no let me give it :upside_down_face: dictionary for him and kumkum bhagay and nagin Episode for you :sunglasses:




Why I am seeing you everywhere today :unamused:


Invite me too for cakes😋


Close your eyes? You won’t see her then!


Then I will sleep :sleeping:


Well, I see you around almost every day, it never disturbed me :grin:


:upside_down_face:you are being nice :sob: