Will you quit writing your story?

I was wondering for other opinions ; will you guys quit writing your first story if you don’t feel inspired enough or you don’t have the right feedback on it. and if not what will you do to get inspired again
Let me know your thoughts ?


Well, I had the same problem when I started writing a wattpad story. I hadn’t something in mind to write about, but I really wanted to make a story, so I started writing slowly slowly and at the same time I was reading other stories and a while after I had a great idea to write about that no one had written something like that before. Now, I’ve started writing an episode story and I’m doing the same thing. I still haven’t a lot of thoughts, but in time I’m sure I will.
You could start writing and if you still haven’t any ideas you could ask about ideas for your story.
Hope it helps.

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I started writing my first story, Its called separated at birth, I published 8 episodes (well, actually 7) and I stopped, my episode where really short, I took a big break, people really liked my story, and I enjoy writing it, so I found out that it’s because I’m not a big fan of limelight (which it was the style I was writing with) so I decided to revamp the story, in INK and then copy and paste in the limelight version.
So far I have 2 chapter done and I’m writing episode 3 hoping to publish soon.


When I started writing my first story, I was all into it, I didnt stop, every morning when I wake up, I sat on a couch continuing an continuing. I did get feedback on my story for the first time and it was cool, it didnt bother me very much receiving my first fanmail.

All of my other stories that are hidden is going to be re-vamped and I will not quit. If I feel the need/want to quit then I will but right now, nope, I wont quit.

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Thank you for sharing your thought but For me it’s not about the idea cuz I got so many ideas that get me excited but the thing is I think to myself why bother if people won’t appreciate it

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I don’t know I kinda feel like my stories just don’t look as good as I have them in my head so this makes me uninspired maybe I will stop the story

I personally write for myself because I don’t care what people think about my stories they are mine anyway

That’s pretty much what happened to me with my first story I wrote it a year before Published 3 chapters and then I took a break after a year later I found that people were interested so I continued writing but then maybe the people who were interested in a year are no longer here at episode :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile: But me I wrote it in ink and I’m not thinking of revamp in limelight unless people want it

Thank you for you thoughts it’s really encouraging

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I really can relate to this Cuz I got so many stories that I want to share in episode but than it won’t look as good as I wanted to be in my head so I can understand the feeling :slight_smile:

Thanks for encouraging me

Well, for me, I wanted to do it in INK but people wanted it in LL so that’s why I’m doing it.

It’s separated at birth right ? I’ll take a look at it :wink:

I mean, you can, but I’m working on the new version, the old story episodes are honestly so short, sometimes I think to myself how could I have ever published something like that, also some scenes are so dramatic, kinda like a telenovela

I started writing my very first story and it was called Hayden and Holly, a story about a prince falling in love with a commer that he met at school. She fell pregnant and had a little girl, she then makes it her mission to find him. Her true love.

I was so excited to write this story (it was in classic) and I wrote 21 full chapters but because of low feedback and no support from anyone I felt useless so I eventually gave up.

A few years on, I am writing a mafia story with only 10 chapters and 122 reads and I have made myself promise that I won’t stop until it’s complete because of the support from a very good friend.

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Cool. What’s the name, I want to read it now.

I’ll read the new version the one you’re writing rn

It’s not out yet.

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Cool if you think Hayden and Holly is really great maybe you could revamp it in limelight It might get more views I’ll be excited to read it myself

Good luck with it

Thank you, I hope you continue to write as well.

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