Will you read a story with 150+ chapters

I didn’t know it either, but a friend of mine told me that if you have more than 100 chapters, episode will carefully rerview your story and it can get you banned.
@Tory Please correct me if I’m not right.

Personally, no, I find those stories so long for no reason (from the ones I read) and the episodes are short so no.

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honestly it really depends but I personally wouldn’t go for a story that’s over like 100 episodes. however I do also read webtoons and ofc those are long and keep the reader’s attention so it really depends on how good the content is.

okay… I see… :woozy_face: :eyes:

:woozy_face: Aayee… I will try to make it short…

I will try to make it interesting from the 1st to last episode because however I believe it’s a good stories and have lots of secrets and all… u know… twists?

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I got a question now?
Can we have 100 chapter in episode? :thinking:
I still didn’t find the ans.

It’d be a great idea to add a poll.

Personally, no. Seeing that many chapters would probably put me off from reading it, especially if it has a lot of filler episodes. The plot, character development and other elements of the story would have to be exceptionally good with consistent quality and scheduled releases for me to feel inclined to continue reading.

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I’d be VERY interested. I seem to have too much time on my hands as is, so as long as you can write it, I’ll read it.

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I would if it was really good. It sounds super long at first, but I’ve watched shows with over 150 episodes that are 40 minutes, so it’s really not that bad. Although, generally in shows that long, a lot of the content is just filler, so if you’re writing something that long, make sure it really needs to be that length, and isn’t just fluff, 'cause that’s when I think a lot of readers would tap out.

Good luck writing!

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Personally, I wouldn’t be inclined to read a story that long, unless the description really enticed me to give it a try. This is mostly due to my experience reading longer stories on the app. Many of the longer stories I’ve begun in the past, hit around the twenty-five - thirty episode area and it feels like everything has happened, and that it should be wrapping up, but then a spanner is thrown in the works for dramatic effect, which is supposed to segue into the next length of the story (the next ‘season’ if you like). But what I find, is that this dramatic impact is less dramatic, and more off-putting, because it feels solely used to prolong the story, and it usually dilutes the origin, making me feel like it’s lost its way, or is changing direction. That makes me lose interest and I just can’t keep reading it.

What I would say, is to make a general outline of your episodes to gauge how many episodes are really needed. This way, you’ll avoid unnecessary and potentially tedious repetition or drama, and you may even find that you don’t need as many episodes as you initially thought.

Another thing I would note is to not overuse cliffhangers. I know people rave about them and say to end each episode on one. But overusing them essentially cheapens the value of a cliffhanger, and when the dilemma is easily resolved each time in the next episode, it ultimately creates predictability to all that follow, that the issue will all work out anyway, and you lose the grip on your audience. I’ve read a couple of stories on episode in the past that did this, and I couldn’t make it past about ten episodes because it just felt pointless. As long as you have relatable characters, clear direction and a plot and underplots that people care about following, it can carry readers on just as well. A cliffhanger or two here and there throughout is always a bonus, but just try not to slam them on the end of episodes where it doesn’t fit. (This is less the case with mystery/thriller and horror stories though).

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can you give us a description to the story? i see it has fantasy which already catches my eye, i’m used to reading a lot of long stories, longest stories i’ve read are by alphan which are her vampire stories, i find those and just fantasy stories really entertaining in general, so yeah i would be willing to give it a try but it’s a really lengthy process

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i still didn’t think about the description but…
it’s about a boy wjo is haunted by a jinn, and Only MC can save him… while they dont know each other… :thinking:
yeah, thats a little summary

Well, it depends, but to be honest I always skip stories with more than 50+ episodes.

(Ex: It said 65 and still ongoing)

Because I think it will have a lot of drama or something. I love drama, but I can’t imagine how it will be if it took 100 chapters to end. So I always have a bad mindset about it before even trying to read lol.
So I suggest you make season 2 separately in a different story (example: Trapped 1 and Trapped 2 by Alusza)

I read comments above me, they will likely skip story with more than 50 without even checking how interesting it will be (so do I)

If you separate the story, then people still gonna click on your story, and if we want more, we will click on season 2. I hope that makes sense.

But hey this is your story, you’re having fun making it and you’re engaged to the characters, that’s all matters.

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I’ll be honest with you, at first glance I wouldn’t. More than 60+ chapters is an automatic turn off for me. There are quite a few long stories on the app that seem interesting like The Sacrifice Series (79 episodes) and Dripping Mascara (132 episodes) but they’ll just become one of those interests that will never be fulfilled lol.

Now if the description is super good and the first 3-5 episodes draw me in, then yes, I’ll probably keep reading. I started reading this story with 45-50 episodes just because everyone else liked it. I was only going to read a ‘few’ chapters, but a few turned into 30 so you never know! :sweat_smile: :laughing:

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I can feel u girl :joy:


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