Will you read my story even i have bad grammar

Hey, I really want to publish a story in english. Yes i can write a story in my native language but in my country everyone is so evil and they will judge my story because they love comedy not romance drama. I will publish first 2 episodes when episode approve mycovers. Will you read my story or i should give up and write on wattpad?

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You can make a thread asking for a proofreader or you use websites like grammarly.com

dont you mean first 3. you have to have 3 chapters to publish.

I know but I can’t wait but if approvals take way too long i will publish first 3 chapters because i wrote half of chapter 2 today.

I Think you should wait its not a good idea to publish before you are ready. You get more reads if you wait and publish a good story, then if you publish a bad story full of glitches

have you looked your story over on your phone. There are often glitches you dont see on the computer


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