Will you read my story, if the directing is not "amazing"?

I’m going to write a new story, and I have wondered about this question for weeks
Please help <3

  • Yes
  • No

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As long as the story itself is interesting, I’ll read it. I don’t consider directing to be as big a deal as the writing.


it depends if the plot itself is good overall

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As long as the story is good I would. My directing wasn’t good at first but as I learned stuff it got better. The Directing comes with time for some people. Whats your story about?


While “amazing” directing is visually appealing and can make me like a story more, I definitely won’t stop reading if it’s basic. As long as it’s clean and not full of errors, then I’ll still read it!


It’s a fantasy about a girl whose mother let her swallowed a medicine that makes her can’t feel the “love feeling” and kept her in The Flower World for 4000 years

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Sounds interesting

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Well, the directing doesn’t have to be amazing. But it’s just a pet peeve of mine if the author doesn’t have the basic directing like zooms, spot directing and layers.

If it does have all three, I’m pretty happy with the story. I know my opinion is unlike many other people but if a story has awesome directing I’d probably read it regardless of how good the plot is.

Anyway, that is just my opinion.

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It completely depends for me. I don’t think directing needs to be amazing as long as it doesn’t distract me from the main story. Of course, amazing directing is always a plus, but basic directing done well is much better than complex directing done badly.

There are a few things that will get to me:

  1. Characters sliding around (if it’s not just because I clicked too quickly. That’s my fault)

  2. Authors who forget the importance of layers in their story. If you forget that one, some character actions can look silly or inappropriate.

  3. Big, unnecessary pauses. You can avoid that one by using the ampersand (&) instead of the usual @. If you’re really savvy, add the ampersand and then “pause for 0.5 THEN CHARACTER is some_action” (obviously change CHARACTER and some_action to something else). This works just before someone else’s dialogue and makes it look like your character is reacting in real time. I guess make sure you remember that pauses don’t just have to last 1. You can choose their length.

  4. People trying to make animations work that just don’t. It’s especially true of someone trying to carry someone else. It to me looks silly to attempt to use the falling animation for someone who is being picked up. You might as well just cut and then use the narrator to say that so-and-so picked your character up. It looks really silly otherwise.

These are all things that pull me out of a story and stop me caring about the characters because I’m spending too much time laughing at the issues as opposed to investing in the story. I can’t think of any more at the moment, but there are tonnes.

Just master the basics and use them well. You don’t need to be fancy about things. Of course, you can always experiment with what works. Don’t add something new that you’re not 100% sure of, though.


same with the forth one :joy::joy::joy::joy: It looks so weird

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