Willing to draw art!

(You must credit me) I am willing to hand draw art (full color or b&w) and send it back just give me a screen shot in the pose you would like the drawing to be in including the character(s) in the clothing in a preferable background. Leave me the title of your story and the size you want it to be! I can also do profiles, splashes, headers, etc. upon request. I will ONLY be doing five people at a time and it HAS TO BE SPECIFIC AND THE IMAGE MUST BE CLEAR!!! All details must be included in the screenshot and in order for me to reply you have to be one in 5-10 folks at a time! Also give me a preferred deadline date so I know who to start on. First come first serve basis… [OPEN FOR REQUESTS] {ANY STYLE}

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Do you have any examples?

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I do art at school, but not for episode, if you would like I could draw you something as in example?

This is my first episode drawing gig!

yes please.

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Ok! Let me get to work and I will get back to you! Have a good day!

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awesome, could I have a drawing of three characters, but not title, and the size 420x580.


Jade’s details:
Body: Copper 00
Brows: Round Medium (Deep Brown)
Hair: Long Feathered (Light Brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Pale)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink beige gloss)

Jade’s outfit:

Body: Rose 04
Brows: Straight Medium Scar (blackJet)
Hair: Wavy Quiff (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid (Blue Deep)
Face: Chiseled Square Stubbled Shaved

Matt’s outfit:

Body: Copper 01
Brows: Straight Medium (blackJet)
Hair: Medium Side Curls (Light Brown)
Eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid (Hazel)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Medium Straight Natural (Fair Gold Matte)

Tyler’s outfit:

EXT. BOARDWALK ATLANTIC - NIGHT in zone 1 could Jade be in the middle doing shush_neutral and Matt be on the left doing flirt_wink_atcamera_pose and Tyler be on the right be doing flirt_coy_atcamera

Deadline - any time this week. :heart:

Any way you can get me a screenshot of this characters in the outfit? If so, it will be no problem! No title? Alright and anytime this week is great for me! Also the actions, these are hand drawn from reference, so that’s what I am working from!

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sure of course :slight_smile:





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I have your example ready, but the model I used had a particularly difficult hairstyle, so I kinda got lazy! I would have no problem doing that kind of style upon a real request, but I have one other real request pending… is that ok with you? The outline of the hair is the same as the style though!
And the lines are choppy for the same reason, lol but if you request I should be able to get done in 2 weeks or less depending on if you want Full color or B&W and I also didn’t have my stabilizer on either so that is that for an example!


Wow, that’s amazing. I’ll request when I have time

Ok! Awesome! I need to get them from all angles so if you could put them in the scene together and make them do the poses they wanted that would be great! Also what did you want to do for the background? Sorry if I come off as a nuisance, my first art gig!

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Alrighty! Thank you very much! Would you like me to reserve you? If you like I can keep you on reserve for a weeks time while you think of your request?

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Yes please

Alright, no problem! Have a good day/night!

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Nevermind, hon! I should be able to get them within the week!

Separately? If so it will shorten the time! I will get to work on this ASAP!

I mean I’d like them to all be in the cover together, I am confused, do you want me to give an image of all three of them together still? :blush:

This is good here! Thank you!

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I have finished your art!

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