Willing to draw art!

woah jesus that was fast, could I please see? And thank you so much. :heart:

This should be in art resources! :blush:
@Jeremy @Sydney_H

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Ok, yea! If you need anything changed or anything please contact me!

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woah thank you so much, I can’t wait to use this for my story. <3

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Please can you do me a Spalsh, saying “My Brother’s Best Friend” with these 2 characters kissing. Xx

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Can you give me charecter details?

No problem

What details??

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These are pictures of the two characters

As in there skin tone nose shape face shape eye shape and color along with there hair style and hair color

And also what they are wearing

Please may I have a cover and an intro.

Skin tone - Neutral 01
Brow - Arched natural, black dark
Hair - Bouffant long wavy, medium brown
Eyes - round downturned wide, Brown black
Face - Heart soft
Nose - Defined natural
Lips - full Heart pouty, rose gloss

Wearing - Aiko crop top cotton red candy
Nautical shorts rope belt neutral white
Collared crop rolled up sleeves leather jacket grey black
Long double stoned feather chain necklace leather green hunter
Flat canvas sneakers cotton black white

Skin tone - neutral 01
Brow - arched medium, black jet
Hair - long bang short hair, light brown
Eyes - monolid slender, brown dark
Face - diamond soft
Nose - button wide
Lips - medium straight natural, fair natural matte

Wearing - chain accessories ripped jeans warm denim grey dark
Chunky sneakers leather white
Hoodie two tone vest cotton red true

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Ok no problem! Can I have a few more things?

Background, and on both the cover and the intro? And do you want words on either? And if so what color and font?

I would quite like teen sisters bedroom as the background for the cover.

I would like the cover to say “My Brother’s Best Friend”

I would like the outro to say “Follow me on ig @mbbf.episode for sneak peeks and updates”

I would like the intro to be the same image as the intro, just with a plain light blue background.

I also would like the outro to be light blue.

I would like black font, but I am very relaxed about the colour. If black cannot be seen well on the cover, then I do not mind which colour

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Ok, should be no problem! I’ll let you know if I need anything else! So, just to clarify, you want a:

Cover: teen sisters bedroom with two characters kissing

Intro: a plain light blue intro with your IG details
Outro: a plain light blue outro with your IG details

Hi, can I request something?

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Yes ma’am! What would you like?

If you need some examples I believe I listed some at the top? If not, they are scattered throughout the thread!