Willing to HELP ANYONE with coding! Volunteering for CODING PARTNER

Since I have no more story ideas, I wanna be a writing partner for those who need help!
I’m an excellent coder. Even if I say so myself :slight_smile:
Just DM me, and we can talk on instagram.


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Hi there! I need an advanced coder!
Here’s my topic! Advanced Coder Needed! ASAP! Open!
I don’t have insta but we can chat on the forums or Discord! Pm me if you are interested!
I usually take up to a day to write the story script! Read my topic and you’ll see the story that I want to do! I’m also looking for an episode friend! :hugs:

and i just so happen to need a coder :slight_smile:

Omg, I need a coder so bad because I have ideas but I’m really bad at coding. I didn’t find your ig but if you want you can dm me on instagram. My @ is: sarawithouttheletterh
Hope you reply:)

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