Willing to make ads for your stories if you read mine

1.Must have pictures of your main characters.
2.Must be following me
3.I can make it into a drawing and colorize but I don’t draw it myself so the drawing won’t be complicated.
4.I use apps to make ads so I can make several options to show and can also do book covers.
5. Must read all the chapters of my story The New Guy and review.
6. Must give step by step if you want it in a specific way


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Main or Man characters? :sweat_smile:

I meant main

How many chapters is your story and where do you want the review too?

There are 3 chapters and you can message me a review.

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Cool! Will do now :slight_smile:

Thank you do much means a lot. If you ever need an ad or book cover I’m your girl.

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I’ll definitely request an ad after I review it :slight_smile:

Stop wasting your time with mediocre covers and ads. All you need to do to get this free deal is.

Follow me and I’ll follow back.
Read The Nee Guy.
Give details of what you want nothing too complicated I do this from the mobile app.
I use an app to make covers and ads into drawings so nothing detailed.
Willing to color it in if you requested drawing.
Just need a screenshot of characters or details on what they look like I can do up to 5.
So there you go you saw the rest try the best.

Need a book cover I’m here? Want to promote your story to get more views. Well, kelzblogs is your girl and one special person will get a video ads if they my story the best review good or bad.
The New Guy is my story Kelzblogs is how you can search me up


I’ll play your story and Review it for a cover.

I read the three chapters of The new guy. I like it. It’s really good. The story is full and the context of the story is unique. It’s light and complex at the same time. Also you’re better at coding choices and different backgrounds than I am. I’ve been working on my stories for months and I am still on the first pages of both of them. Your story is really good.


    July 24


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Well thank you very much but I can’t take all the credit there’s a guy called Joseph Evans and he gives youtube tutorials on everything.

You just tell me when your ready for your cover and I got you.

If you want an ad or a cover willing to do so for reads of my new story, The best thing is I will do one video ad for the best review good or bad.

Genre: Gay/Romance
Style: INK
Summary: Justin is secretly gay but when the hot new guy from CALI comes along can he keep his secret and hide his feelings for the new guy who’s straight maybe.
http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6113318553124864.jpg 2)

Hello I’m offering the deal of a lifetime for a limted time only I will be doing free book covers and ads for reads of my story.
Requirements : Main characters only.
Simple choices for ads.
Screenshots of charaters.
Can make thing in to a drawing with app but I do not draw so no special request.
Willing to colorize simple colors if drawing request.
Following me Kelzblogs
Read my story The New Guy

Moved to Art Resources since this is offering art work. :wink: